Atypical Tutus

Upcycled Couture Tutus for Lively Living


Your Tutu is specific to you. Spending a little time with Robin designing your tutu is recommended but not necessary. 

If you are interested in being a part of the design process:

First decide if you want a button front pant base of a stretchy waistband base. 

Second think of a  style you would like to manifest with your tutu. This could be a theme, a color, a texture.

What size do you want your tutu? Are pockets important? Is your Tutu for a specific event? 

Finally, allow Robin to work her artistic tutu magic. She can send you a photo of materials chosen. 


Robin shops for the perfect materials to upcycle. She then alters those materials, cutting, forming, creating your special couture tutu.

Each Tutu is made to order. This means, depending on Robin's production schedule, please allow for at least 2 weeks to make your couture tutu 

If you are not interested in participating in the design process:

Give Robin you hip and waist measurements, any hints for what direction she should go with your Tutu, and let her have her way with it! 

Proceed to our Contact page to place an order


Payment Process

Because Your Tutu is a special order, a non refundable $50 deposit is required before Robin can start your couture Tutu. 

The base rate for a special order Atypical Tutu is $150.

Order your tutu through our Contact page or email Robin at

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Additional fees may be added for extra features on your tutu. A final estimate will be quoted to you via an email from Robin. 

Payment of the balance due for the Tutu (plus shipping) is required before it will be sent to you. 

Atypical Tutus accepts Paypal, credit cards, and debit cards.