Atypical Tutus

Upcycled Couture Tutus for Lively Living

In the beginning there were Two Teutonic Tutu Twats...

 Atypical Tutus followed closely behind.

How These Tutus became a phenomenon

Inspired by "Tutu Tuesday" and the Burning Man ethos, Natasha and Robin decided to bring BM culture to their community of Carbondale, CO. This years Carbondale Council on the Arts and Humanities main fundraiser was a Fashion/multi media show called "Green is the New Black". . Twenty-three designers were represented on the runway.  Two Teutonic Tutu Twats created ten tutus, the crowd went wild, and TTTT walked away with "Best in Show". Wow! That was hard work and a ton of fun.

Robin loved making those tutus. After a tremendous amount of support from her Burning Man community and her TTTT cohort,  she created "Atypical Tutus". A business focused on the ethos of Burning Man culture. Art, radical self expression, community involvement, green mindfulness, and fun are the core of her creativity with tutus. Be a part of the fun. 

Beautiful Things

From the beginning, every Atypical Tutu  is made from beautiful up-cycled materials. Robin uses her creativity to fashion the tutu using color, texture and theme as her guides.  No two tutus are the same. Each is a unique art piece that reflects the intention of the client and artistic expression of the artist. There is just something special about wearing a Tutu. The fabrics flow with a body's movement, drawing the eye to flouncing fannies and dancing limbs. This is fun.


night time tutu delight with Robin Alexandra

night time tutu delight with Robin Alexandra

100% Handmade by Robin Alexandra

In the mountains of Colorado, each and every Atypical Tutu is hand crafted by Robin Alexandra. Robin gathers materials from thrift stores, yard sales, and consignment stores. Repurposing pants, skirts, pajamas, shower curtains, curtains, table cloths, gowns... whatever has appealing style, color and texture. The Tulle and thread are the only new materials that Atypical Tutus uses. Be Green in your tutu expression.

Style & Quality

Robin hand picks  the "base" of each tutu to accommodate a clients needs. Whether they want a fitted, button up fly or a stretch waistband. She helps them to coordinate their base layer with the "top layer" fabric and all the layers of tulle in between. Whenever pockets are on the upcycled base, every effort is make to keep them a functional part of the tutu. Pockets and embellishments can be added as well. Customize it.

Because each tutu is a work of art, much care is given to the selection of the materials. Sometimes this can take a little time. Seeking the perfect materials for a tutu concept can lead the artist hunting through many thrift and consignment stores. It's worth it though!

When all the materials are gathered, Robin constructs and sews the tutu in her sewing studio. Each phase of construction is monitored diligently. In the end, a well crafted, durable, beautiful piece of wearable art is produced. 

Don't you just want one??


tutus ready for a Trunk Show in San Francisco

tutus ready for a Trunk Show in San Francisco

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